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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates

Colorado Center for Rural Education

Rural school districts throughout Colorado continue to experience significant difficulty finding qualified individuals to serve as classroom educators, school leaders, and/or special service providers within their individual school districts.

The Colorado Center for Rural Education was created to address these issues. Our center is not limited to the University of Northern Colorado community. We work with 22 Colorado Institutions of Higher Education to recruit, prepare, place, and support educators for rural communities to ensure every rural student has a quality learning experience.

Colorado Substitute Stipend

The Colorado Department of Education, in partnership with the Colorado Center for Rural Education at the University of Northern Colorado, are pleased to announce the
availability of a $300 stipend that can be used to reimburse a variety of costs associated
with obtaining a substitute authorization. Learn more about the Colorado Substitute Stipend and apply!

Financial Support for Rural Educators

The Colorado Center for Rural Education provides a variety of stipends to pre-service and in-service educators who work with students in rural school districts. Interested? Learn more about the available stipends you can use while you teach the students who need you the most!


The rural teaching shortage: Financial incentives help!

In partnership with the Research Education Labratory-Central at Marzano Research, the Center investigated how providing financial incentives effects rural recruitment and retention.

  • Undergraduates who receive a rural recruitment incentive are three times more likely to be hired by a rural/small rural school district than their non-incentivized peers.
  • Inservice teachers who received a rural retention incentive were 20% more likely to remain employed in a rural school district than individuals who did not.

Generation Schools Network: COVID-19 Resources FOR YOU!

As the outbreak of COVID-19 and its impact is still unfolding, Generation Schools has reached out to thier network of districts, schools and educators to help! With advice from educators, they have pulled together a unique package of services and programs to come alongside you in the weeks and months ahead to maximize education opportunities in the wake of the virus. 

Topics and resources include:

  • Preventing Learning Loss Webinar and Coaching Sessions
  • Coping with Crisis Social Emotional Learning Curriculum Untis
  • A Weekly Dose of Social Emotional Learning Programming
  • A Coordinated Effort to Improve Access to Technology
  • Partner with a Principal
  • Virtual Group Coaching Sessions for SPED Directors, Teachers and Paras