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Simone’s Story

First-Year Graduate Student

Started Fall, 2017

Why graduate school?
I made the decision to go to graduate school several years ago. I love learning and further expanding my knowledge of the specific fields I'm interested in. Thus, going to graduate school has always been the logical option for me in continuing my education.

Why did you select UNC?
I'm a UNC alumni! I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 2012 and have always been a very proud Bear. UNC is an incredible university with stellar professors and a system that truly cares about their students. Choosing your own classes and research, being able to shape your own path, is one of the big reasons I decided to return to UNC. It's a university that truly embraces all students and makes them feel at home.

Do you have advice for other students about the application and admissions process?
Be involved with the application and admissions process every step of the way. Don't be afraid to call or email with questions. There's always someone willing to find the answer for you. Get in touch with your desired program as early as possible! Pick their brains about openings, classes, and research. Make contact with potential advisors and ask them about their research. Show the program and professors how interested you are in attending. Making those connections early is vital to getting admitted, and builds a network foundation for the future.

Simone Headshot

Graduate Program

Earth Science, M.A.

Previous Degrees

Earth Science - Geology – B.S. – 2012
University of Northern Colorado

How do you feel about starting graduate school at UNC?
Nervous! Even though I'm a UNC alumni, I haven't attended school for five years. I feel very rusty on attending class, doing homework, and getting involved in research. Part of me feels like I've lost so much of the knowledge I learned in the past, and that makes me feel unsettled. However, UNC is great at easing you into the programs and is willing to work with you every step of the way, which is awesome!

What do you hope to do with your degree?
Obtaining my master’s is merely a stepping-stone to a Ph.D. One of my oldest dreams is to get a Ph.D. and teach at a university level, passing on my knowledge and research to future students. I don't intend to go straight into a Ph.D. program after my master’s, so in-between I want to do research laboratory work focused on metamorphic petrology, mineralogy, and geochronology. This experience I hope will be a great asset to applying for future Ph.D. programs.