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Teague's Story

Working on his dissertation

Started Fall, 2015

Why graduate school?
To increase my opportunities to teach at the University level

Why did you select UNC?
The jazz faculty is second to none and the relationships that I developed with that faculty during the audition and recruiting process were very important. I felt like UNC offered me the best opportunity available to build on the previous work that I had done in jazz studies and I could really excel based on the family environment that surrounds the UNC jazz program.

What do you hope to do with your degree?
I hope to begin playing and teaching at the University level.

Is there anything that has surprised you about graduate school?
I can’t say that anything has really caught me off guard. The process of timing all the paperwork and projects so that you adhere to the timeline laid out by the graduate school has been the only thing that I didn’t expect to have to stay so completely on top of.

Are there resources at UNC that you find particularly helpful as you work through your degree program?
For me, the relationships developed with my private teacher and the faculty in the UNC jazz department has been more helpful than anything. There is also a wonderful bond that has developed between the jazz TA’s that always gets you over the humps in each semester.

Teague's Headshot

Graduate Program

Jazz Studies, D.A.

Previous Degrees

Jazz Studies – M.A. – 2015
University of South Florida
Jazz Studies – B.A. – 2013
University of Central Florida

Are there strategies you have found helpful with staying on track with writing your thesis, capstone or dissertation?
Stay organized and focused. Those are the biggest things.

Do you have any advice for students who may be considering whether or not to pursue a graduate degree at UNC?
It is a wonderful place to pursue an advanced degree. The campus is beautiful, the faculty is extremely supportive, and Greeley is just busy enough to keep you entertained but not so busy that you forget to get to work.