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The Yucatan study abroad experience gives you two options to choose from, so you can pick the one that best fits your interests, schedule and budget.

Option One

Enroll in ANT 296, MIND 295, and FL 296, a nine credit Global Systems experience in Maya and Mexican culture and Global Citizenship. These courses include an on campus or online learning module, as well as a 13-day, community-based learning trip on the Yucatan Peninsula.


  • Courses – FL 296          May 20- June 29
                    ANT 296        May 20- July 14
                    MIND 295      May 20- Aug 5
  • 13-day trip –June 17-June 29

Option Two

In addition to the UNC service learning trip, there is an opportunity to participate in a third week in the Yucatan with Dr. Laura Vick, professor of anthropology at Peace College, for an extra cost. Please contact Dr. Vick for more details.


  • Third week in Yucatan – June 29- July 7

Applying to the program

If you want to participate in Expedition Yucatan, you must complete a registration form and turn in a $400 deposit to the Center of International Education.

>> Program Registration form

If you wish to participate in option 2 please contact Laura Vick at in addition to applying with the Center of International Education.