Expedition Yucatan

Your summer. Anything but ordinary.

Spend your summer scaling ancient Mayan temples, swimming in underground cenotes and discovering the vibrant culture of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Through a UNC partnership with Peace College in North Carolina, you can study abroad in Mexico for 13 days or 21 days. This program is open to students of all majors, and you can earn nine credits in this hands-on, engaging summer session.

Spanish Language and Experiential Learning - FL 296

Online or on campus course with 13-day service learning trip

Become skilled at basic Spanish and study the culture of Mexico. This course provides introductory Spanish language and culture studies through your choice of an online or on campus environment. The course concludes with learning through immersion experience on the 13-day service learning trip on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Culture and Community in the Yucatan - ANT 296

Online course with 13-day service learning trip

Discover Mayan cultural heritage, contemporary society and community life through readings, anthropological research, and hands-on experience. In addition to an online component, you’ll spend 13 days on the Yucatan Peninsula involved in a service project in the Mayan village of Yunku. Here you will teach children and adults while learning about their culture and way of life.

Global Systems - MIND 295

Online course with 13-day service learning trip

Critically explore the role of self, community, and social systems in an increasingly globalized world. This course is a combination of seminar and engaged classroom instruction. While abroad, you will assume the role of world citizen and develop a deeper understanding of your connection to our global community.