2010 Awards


  • 1st place. "I Almost knew her"  by Matthew Maday
    Matthew Maday
  • Honorable Mention
    • "Some Time In Autumn"  by Evelyn Wiant
      Evelyn Wilant
    • "A Sestina for you"  Ashlie McDiarmid
      Ashlie McDiarmid

Creative Non Fiction

  • 1st place:  "My Mother is Not Allowed Around My Animals" By Bonni Boles
    Bonnie Boles


  • 1st place winner: " The Safety if Off"  by Heidi Lightenberger
    Heidi Lightenberger

Ed Kearns Award:

  • Eliza Howard “Creative Education”
    Eliza Howard
  • Honorable Mention
    • Danielle Waller “From a Dream to a Reality”

2009 Awards

This years award go to Madeline Cavanaugh for her creative non-fiction work titled: "The Adventures of Chemo Girl" and to Newton Klusmire for his poem titled "Killing The Animals."

A fiction award will not be given this year.

  • Poetry: by Newton Klusmire
  • Creative Non-Fiction by Maddie Cavanaugh
  • Ed Kearns Award for best first year essay
  • First place: Samantha Smits for "Remembering"
  • 2nd  place Holly Schofding for "From Butterflies to Skulls and Crossbones"
  • 3rd place Rachel Jackson for "Death at Grandma’s Door"

We would like to thank the members of Sig Tau for their generous help. Trevor Meyer, president; associates: Libby Hummels, Melissa Morgan, Alina Szabo and Kathy Warnecke.

2008 Awards

Rosenberry Prize

  • First Place: Valerie Ross, for "One Day"


  • First Place: Valerie Ross, for "One Day"

  • Honorable Mention: Max Cassity, for "Modernism"
  • Honorable Mention: Nate Howe, for "Sympathy"


  • First Place: Nathan Fuhr, for "Recantation of the floating World"

Creative Nonfiction

  • First Place: Nate Howe, for "This is only a test"

  • Honorable Mention: Melissa Morgan, for "You are now leaving fabulous Las Vegas"

2007 Winners:


  • 1st Place : Erika Hildner

  • Honorable Mention : Nathan Howe


  • 1st Place : Ben Pool

Creative Non-Fiction:

  • 1st Place : Melissa Morgan

2007 Rosenberry Prize winner: 

  • Erika Hildner

2006 Winners:


  • 1st Place: Hollows by Laurin Becker
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • One New Message by Shannon Charles

    • Back to Why We are Really Here by Jess Walter

Creative Non-Fiction

  • 1st Place: The Names of Things by Simone Nicole Gallik
  • Honorable Mention:
    • Starry Night Over Greeley by Peter Derk


  • 1st Place: Vodka Tonic by Kira Goo
  • Honorable Mention:
    • Glen Milan

Laurin Becker, winner of the 2006 Rosenberry Prize:

Laurin Becker

2006 Winners, (l to r): Laurin Becker, Kira Goo, Simone Gallik, Peter Derk, Jess Walter, Shannon Charles:

2006 Writers Conference Winners

2005 Winners:

  • Fiction Winner: Steven Dolence for "Vocalese"

  • Fiction Honorable Mention:

    • Briana Hovendick for "Selling the Farm"

  • Poetry Winner: Deborah Kido for "Breathe"

  • Poetry Honorable Mentions

    • Erika Hildner for "Creation"

    • Michelle Cordova for "Early Elegy"

  • Creative Non-Fiction Winner: Nathan Howe for "Nostalgia"

Walter Rosenberry with Steven Dolence, winner of the 2005 Rosenberry Prize:

Walter Rosenberry

2004 Winners:

  • Fiction Winner: Michelle Cordova for "While Ladders and Songs like Death"

  • Poetry Winner: Eric Neilsen for "Elegy for My Brother"

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