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Selection I: Nominee Information - Self-nominations are encouraged as well


Category (please choose one):   

  • Student (undergraduate or graduate)
  • Faculty
  • Staff (classified or exempt)
Section II: Nominator Information

Section III: Questions

1. What qualities does the nominee possess that inspire you and others? Self-nominees please answer “how you think you are perceived by others”.

2. Please list the activities, to your knowledge, that the nominee has participated both on-campus and in the community.

3 What is the most significant experience you shared with the nominee and what was the lesson you learned? Self-nominees please answer, “Through your experiences, what lessons have you learned”?

  • Nominations will be accepted until Friday, March 29, 2013 at noon.
  • Nominators will be asked to ensure the attendance of their respective nominees.
  • Nominators and their respective nominees will receive formal invitations to the Women's Recognition Reception as all Nominees will be recognized for their contributions to UNC.







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