Non-Traditional Student Association (NSA)


Advocating for all Non-Traditional Students

About NSA

NSA is a student organization that supports non-traditional students at UNC

The Non-Traditional Student Association is a newly chartered campus organization specifically designed to meet the needs of all non-traditional students and we need your help...

Join our organization and attend regularly scheduled meetings. We need your voice, your passion, and your ideas.

We look forward to making NSA a strong voice for all adult learners!

Understanding NSA

Non-Traditional Student: a non-traditional student is an adult who is 23 years of age or over, or adults between the ages of 18 to 23 who may be married, have children, or individuals who are just beginning school after 25 years of age.


Non-Traditional Student's needs are more varied (and complicated) than the needs of traditional aged students and meeting those needs will greatly benefit UNC and the community.


NSA Officers:

President: Bernadette Cordova
Vice-President: Suzie Wells
Treasurer: Marianne Harbart
Advisor: Yvette Lucero-Nguyen

Membership is free and the rewards are priceless

Please contact Bernadette Cordova at for more information, meeting days and times.


Our NSA program at UNC was originally inspired by the Association of Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education

for more information visit


Together we can make a difference.








Contact Us

Scott-Willcoxon Hall Campus Box 97
1915 10th Ave. Greeley, CO 80639
Phone: 970-351-1492
Fax: 970-351-1487
Hours: 8am-5pm Monday - Friday
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