Iota Iota Iota

Iota Iota Iota is an academic honor society in the field of Women’s Studies. We are here to encourage and support scholarship and excellence in Women’s Studies. Iotans are responsible students and responsible people. All chapters offer a variety of services and a feeling of community to other women and students. Some of our services include: scholarships, mentoring and community service.

Iota Iota Iota (aka Triota) strives to maintain feminist values central to Women’s Studies: egalitarianism, inclusiveness, and celebration of the diversity of women’s experiences. Triota is currently functioning as a national coalition of student clubs organized and recognized at the institutional level. Current chapters are located at over 100 colleges and universities in the U.S. and Canada.

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Contact Information

Chris Talbot
Candelaria 0140D
(970) 351-1260

Core Faculty:

Barbara Hawthorne
Candelaria 0083
(970) 351-2153

Harmony Newman
Candelaria 2281
(970) 351-2271