Multimedia Computer Lab for Interdisciplinary Minors

“The WS minor has provided me with a foundation to look at the world through clear eyes.”
—Kelly, Sociology ’07


Through the generous support of the University of Northern Colorado’s Provost’s Office, Women’s Studies houses four Power Macs with filmmaking software. We encourage and welcome students with interdisciplinary minors, including Environmental Studies, Film Studies, Women’s Studies, and Cultural Studies to stop by and utilize this exciting equipment.


  • 2 Power Mac and 2 PC workstations with 20 inch screens and 160 GB external hard drives
  • Software
    • Dreamweaver
    • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Final Cut Pro
    • Standard Microsoft Office Apps
  • Ethernet connections
  • Scanner with the ability to scan slides and film.
  • No printing capability.


In the back, southwest corner of the WS/AFS main office in Candelaria 0140.


The lab is open during regular WS/AFS main office hours: Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm. Please be courteous and prepared to leave the lab each weekday at 5:00pm.

Important Note:

You must bring your own storage device(s). Each Friday, we clear out the items stored on the computers, so please be sure you take your creations with you when you leave.

These workstations are not connected to printers.