Sandra Kim

Keynote address by Sandra Kim


Sandra Kim is the Founding CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Everyday Feminism, one of the largest and fastest growing online feminist sites. Everyday Feminism takes an intersectional approach to feminism, addressing the daily issues people face around gender, sexuality, race, class, and more, and how we can create change in our lives and our communities. Due to its unique, relevant, and practical content, Everyday Feminism has grown rapidly in 2 years and now reaches over 3 million people from over 200 countries per month. As an asexual, genderqueer person of color from an immigrant family and a survivor, she's committed to intersectionality and believes that our healing and liberation are interconnected. Sandra brings a wide range of approaches and skills to Everyday Feminism from her experience working with trauma survivors, healing and personal transformation, social change work, and life coaching. 


Chris Linder

Capstone address by Chris Linder


Dr. Chris Linder is an assistant professor of College Student Affairs Administration at the University of Georgia and an alumna of UNC. She earned a PhD in Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership from UNC in 2011. Chris’s research interests include activist identity development and inclusive campus environments. Rooted in intersectionality theory, Chris has studied racism and White privilege in feminism, including the experiences of women of Color activists and the developmental processes of White feminist women striving to engage in anti-racist activism. Currently, Chris is exploring the strategies of campus sexual assault activist, including the role of social media in the movement.