Women's Conference Agenda

8:00-8:45 – Check In /Breakfast (Fireside lounge/ Mt. Evans & Pikes Peak Ballrooms)

8:45-9:00 – Welcome (Mt. Evans & Pikes Peak Ballroom)

9:00-10:00 – Keynote Speaker: B. Cole (Mt. Evans & Pikes Peak Ballroom)

10:10-11:00 – Breakout Session 1

  • Ending Rape Culture (Aspen A)
  • Women Voices – I Am No Longer Anonymous (Aspen C)
  • Stryker Institute for Leadership Development: Leadership (Coulmbine A)
  • SAY HER NAME (Columbine B)
  • Navigating Hostile Environments in Campus Activism (Spruce C)
  • Defending my Bodily Autonomy (And Why I Should Not Have To): Confronting Paternalistic Culture as a Child-Free-By-Choice Woman (Spruce B)
  • Navigating Communication Norms: A Discussion Among Women of Color (Spruce A)
  • WTF is the Friend Zone (Council Room)

11:10-12:00 – Breakout Session 2

  • Women in the Workplace (Aspen A)
  • Understanding Intersectional Identities of the Black Woman (Aspen B)
  • Women Voices – I Am No Longer Anonymous (Aspen C)
  • Q&A with B. Cole (Columbine A)
  • SAY HER NAME (Columbine B)
  • NOT FOR SALE! Sex Trafficking in the U.S. (Spruce B)
  • Breaking the Cycle: Understanding the Importance of Creating Safe Spaces for Students who Identify as Undocumented (Spruce A)
  • Blurred Lines (Council Room)

12:00-1:00 – Lunch (Mt. Evans/Pikes Peak Ballroom)

1:10-2:00 – Featured Panel (Mt. Evans/Pikes Peak Ballroom)

2:10-3:00 – Breakout Session 3

  • We Will Rise: Women as Critical Leaders in Post-Disaster Nepal Rebuilding Efforts (Aspen A)
  • Stryker Institute for Leadership Development and the Greeley Dream Team: Mentorship (Aspen B)
  • Waving Good-Bye to the Wave: Feminism in the Everyday Classroom(Aspen C)
  • Café Cultura (Columbine A)
  • Feminist Activism Through Art (Columbine B)
  • Discussing What It Means to Be Intersectional and Trans* (Spruce C)
  • The "Waves" We've Been Riding (Spruce B)
  • Boxes and Bystanders (Spruce A)
  • Building Community: Men in Feminism (Council Room)

3:15-4:00 – Capstone Performance: Cafe Cultura (Mt. Evans/Pikes Peak Ballroom)

4:00-4:15 – Closing Remarks (Mt. Evans/Pikes Peak Ballroom)