Use Templates


Creating the template

When starting a site, open or create one page that has the visual layout that you would like to use for your template. Then right click in the area where your content will go. Navigate to [ Templates ] / [ New Editable Region ].

New Editable Region

You will get a message informing you that Dreamweaver will turn this page into a template, this is correct. It will then ask you to name the region. You should name it ‘Content’ since that is what it will be:

Content Region

The editable region is enclosed in a highlighted rectangular outline in the template. A tab at the upper-left corner of the region shows the name of the region. If you insert an empty editable region in the document, the name of the region also appears inside the region.

When you are done, it will ask you to save it as a template. You should name it ‘Template’:

Dreamweaver saves the template file with a .dwt filename extension in the site’s Template  folder in the local root folder of the site. If the Template folder does not already exist in the site, Dreamweaver automatically creates it when you save a new template.

Note: Do not move your templates out of the Templates folder, or put any non-template files in the Templates folder. Also, do not move the Templates folder out of your local root folder. Doing so causes errors in paths in the templates.

Save it as `template`

Create a page based off this template

[File ] / [ New ]

Choose the [ Templates ] tab, then choose your site from the list on the left and then choose your template on the right:

Create a new template page

After the page opens, add your content, header, etc. text and save the page in the appropriate directory as an HTM or HTML file.

More information on Dreamweaver templates can be found on Adobe's Dreamweaver site or in your local Dreamweaver software under Help - Using Adobe Dreamweaver.