Site Check Quality Tool

Site Check is a user friendly tool used by Web Communications for quality improvements to the UNC Web site. We use it to check for:

  • Broken links
  • Common misspellings
  • ADA (accessibility) and HTML validation.

When your email is added to our Site Check list, you will receive a weekly PDF listing the broken links and possible spelling errors on any Web sites(s) you maintain.

The PDF includes a report at the top that shows your group name (Web site), the date the report was run, the number of pages in the group and the number of broken links. Below that is a list ordered by page title. Clicking on the blue links for the page will open that page on the web.

Clicking the “Show” button to the left of those page links will bring up the web page in the browser and you can see all of the broken links on that page indicated by a red sad face. You can then go into your page in Dreamweaver and correct those broken links.

This PDF report also includes misspellings on the pages in your site. This works the same way; click the “Show” button and the page will open in a web browser with misspelled words highlighted in red.

There is also an online report you can log into to view the broken links, check misspellings and check accessibility.

If you would like to gain access to this online tool in addition to the PDF, please email Ben Rudolph.

When you sign up, you can watch our video tutorial of how Site Check works.