Organize files

Here are some general guidelines to make your site easier to manage:

The top level of your site (files right below your site directory name) is called the root directory.
Folder within the root directory are called subfolders

Definitions you'll need to know:
local site: the Web files on your computer, probably the S, H or C drive.
remote site: the Web files on the UNC server called WWW.

These are the local files (on an individual computer, not the server) of the Ursa site:

Example of orgnizing files into directories

  • All images should be stored in the images folder
  • .css files (cascading style sheets) should be stored at the root directory level .
  • Dreamweaver and FrontPage automatically create a templates folder and all templates should be saved there. Templates have an extension of .dwt
  • If you have a lot of PDF’s, create a PDF folder
  • If you have working copies of files you don’t want to publish, create a support folder. You can cloak folders in Dreamweaver to prevent them from being published
  • Files that begin with an underscore ( _ ) are private files needed by the Web server and the content should not be edited
  • Remember to remove old files from the Web server since they may be found via a search