Connecting to the UNC VPN

The first step is to establish a VPN connection to the Web server. In a web browser navigate to

Type in your network username and password. For “Realm” use “UNCO Privileged”:

Press [ Sign In ].

If this is the first time you have done this step you may need to install an ActiveX component.
You will then see the start screen for the remote logons. The Web server uses the Network Connect near the bottom of the screen.  Next to “Network Connect” press [start].

Once it has started you should see the “Network Connect” box:

 Sine a VPN connection has now been established via, you can now publish your files to the web server using Dreamweaver, WS_FTP or FrontPage.
The site will remain open. When you have finished publishing your site files, go back to the “Start Screen” and press “Sign Out” in the upper right corner: