Accessing the University Web Server

DreamWeaver 4.0 Instructions

Remember to logon to before you publish Web files. You must do this even if you are on campus.

Defining your Site

You'll need to define your site in Dreamweaver to work on your local copy of the Web site and define the remote server to copy the files to the Web server.

To define you local Web site in Dreamweaver:

  • Choose site - new site in the Dreamweaver tool bar
  • click on the advanced tab
  • choose a site name for your Web files, such as Web Support
  • Browse to the folder on your computer where the Web site will or does exist. Note: For backup reasons, it is recommended to use your H drive or a shared drive rather than the C drive.
  • Leave all other information in the window as it is

To set up the remote Web access, use the following information:

  • click on the remote info in the category list on the same window as above
  • Access is FTP
  • Remote server is
  • Directory is the name of your UNC Web site, such as websupport or counseling, it is the name right after in the url
  • logon is the name you requested on the WWW server application account. In front of the logon, you must type UNCO1\, such as UNCO1\jesse.clark. Please note that the last character is a back slash
  • Password is the one you requested on the application


Remote definition window

Dreamweaver Example

local definition window

Dreamweaver local site definition sample

Publishing Files

From the "Files" window on side of the program, select the files that you would like to publish. You can select a single file or folder, or select multiple files and folders by holding down the [SHIFT] or [CTRL] button:

The 'Files' window with three files selected.

Next hit the "Publish Button":

Files menu with the Put button highlighted

Dreamweaver will connect to the server and will publish your files.

Publishing Files - Different Method

This method of publishing allows you to see the entire site on the server. Click on the "Expand to show local and remote site" button:

Expand to Show Local and Remote Site button

This will bring up a screen with two columns. One column (usually the right) will has the local files; they will be a green color. These files are your local copy which are stored on your computer or a shared drive.

The other column (usually the left) has the Server's files; they will be a yellow color. These files are on the UNCO web server and can be accessed using a web browser such as IE or FireFox. These files are called the Remote Files. If you do not see your Remote files, click on the "Connect to Live Site":

Connect to Live Site

The Remote site on the Left and the Local Site on the right:

Local andRemote Files

To publish files, select them from the Local Site (Green, on the right side) and drag them to the Remote site (Yellow, on the left side)


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