Design Checklist

Details to ensure a quality page

  • The home page is named index.htm or index.html
  • Each page contains an appropriate title
  • Each page contains meta tags for keywords and description appropriate for that individual page, not one set for the entire site
  • The code of each page begins with: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" ""> - is automatically added to each page by Dreamweaver but needs to be inserted in Frontpage as first line of HTML page
  • The css stylesheet is linked on each page
  • The UNC header is required on the top of the pages
  • There is a footer on each page listing the date last updated and email of contact person for page
  • The date is in the format of June 5, 2009
  • There is an office location and phone, including area code, listed on or linked from the home page
  • Pages have been checked for spelling errors and punctuation accuracy and consistency
  • Alt tags are included for all graphics
  • Headers are used as introductions to sections of the page and defined sequentially as H1, H2, etc. depending on placement in page
  • Capitalization of links and headers is consistent
  • If tables are used, cells are set to left top justified
  • All links work
  • Pages have been tested on the Mac and PC browsers of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Mac Safari and Internet Explorer; Web Communications can assist with viewing pages on browsers and Macs
  • Critical links such as the schedule of classes or tuition costs are linked to the original source rather than duplicated on the site
  • Photos are optimized for the web to reduce file size