ALT Tags - Alternate Text

What are they?

ALT tags are displayed when you hover over an image. If you hover over the UNC logo a small box will pop up that reads 'go to UNC home'

What are they used for?

ALT tags are used mostly for users with disabilities such as impaired vision and blindness. Users with these disabilities use screen readers which will read text off the screen. When a screen reader gets to an image it will read the text in the ALT tag.

Examples of ALT tags:

ALT tags need to describe what an image is or what the text reads. The logo below is from the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences home page. The ALT tag for this image is "NCATE: The Standard of Excellence in Teacher Preparation".

NCATE: The Standard of Excellence in Teacher Preparation

The image below was found on stock.xchng and is a picture of a firefighter. Using an ALT tag of   "person", "link" or "image" would not be specific enough. Instead the ALT tag is "Firefighter smiling"

Firefighter smiling

How to Implement ALT Tags: