Template Options

You have several choices to make to build your template:


Choose a color that reflects the tone of your site. For example, yellow and gold for a University Program Council page or shades of blue for a more serious, academic site. In general, blues are cool and yellows are warm. Don't be afraid to try the template colors beyond blue and gold.


There are six different patterns each with different size options. Use the Template page to find the best one for your site.


The large picture for the home page is the most important choice, think about what your users want to see. The main categories are people, campus places and more abstract images, such as architecture. The smaller pictures for the page content should have something to do with the page. You can choose the images from our gallery of photos, sized for the templates. You can enter the image file numbers on the template order. We can talk about image choices after the template is chosen if you are unsure of which ones to use.

Right Column

The new templates are wider than the pervious ones and as a result there is extra space on the right. The human eye can only read so many words on a line before the text becomes difficult to read. As a result, we have added modules in the right column. Here are the options:

  • Images
  • News / Announcements
  • Quicklinks
  • UNC Calendar

Areas of Home Page

You can choose to use an introduction area - the shaded box below the picture - if you have a short, strong statement about your program or office. Don't make the text a welcome to our Website sentence, that is not strong enough. Use something like "Programming for students by students".

Do you need quick links? We'll build them into the site, taking into consideration what else you have on the page.

If you can keep news current , the news box on the right is a good choice since readers expect updates to appear on a home page. That box has flexibility, it could also be a short resources list or even a short quick links list.

You may have other needs, such as an highlights area that is only occasionally used. Let us know and we'll build it in to the template.

Please note that each college has an individual template look and does not use this set of choices. Contact the Dean's Office of each college for information about building a college-related site.