University Web Templates

About the templates

The templates are a set of pages with a consistent look developed to promote the professional image of the university, ensure quality design, adhere to Web Guidelines and build efficiency into the process of creating and maintaining pages. All administrative departments are strongly encouraged to use the templates.

The templates are designed from a set of colors chosen to blend together in certain combinations. Many of the colors represent the blue and gold colors of the university and other color choices are from our secondary color palette. The goal is to create a family of Web pages that have a similar look while allowing different personalities for individual sites.

Templates for each area will be provided with a choice of:

  • color theme
  • navigation structure (top or left main navigation)
  • right column elements of
    • news box/announcements
    • quick links
    • pictures
    • calendar
    • nothing
  • page content pictures

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How we can help

  • provide instruction on template use
  • provide the appropriate files to Web authors who are prepared to redesign or build sites
  • convert sites for areas requiring assistance
  • assist in choosing and optimizing images
  • consult to redesign navigation if needed