Facebook Timelines

On March 30, Facebook will switch fan pages (as opposed to your personal profile page) to the new timeline look. What does that mean for your page?

  • The main task will be to create a large picture for the page - Facebook calls this a "cover". The dimensions will be 851 x 315 pixels. You can use an image you already have on hand or download a hi res image from the university photo library and use it for a cover image.
    • Note: Facebook does not allow contact information, calls to action or references to other Facebook features (such as the Like button) on the image. You can add your department/club name.
  • The left hand links will now appear in rectangles under the photo, along with the number of likes info. Only three will be viewable without scrolling so, if you have more than three, choose carefully which ones should be first.
  • There is a very short About section under the cover image, it will display approximately 25 words and then click to a longer section page.. Choose the words carefully to reflect the main purpose of the page. Don't forget to include the name of the department, club, etc.
  • There will be no default landing page, users will automatically go to the opening timeline page. The page will have two columns of posts containing the large top image, posts, timeline, etc.
  • A main new element is the ability to pin a post to the top of the post - it will stay for a week or until replaced by a new one. Only one post can be pinned at a time.
  • Posts will display in two columns on the page. Depending on amount of attention users give a post, it may be larger or wider in size. Pictures can now be larger for each post.
  • The timeline graph on the right side of the page will default to the life of your Facebook page. You can add other milestones. Please be professional about the information added to the timeline.
  • Pages (our official sites) will be able to send and receive private message with users.

This is a very short explanation and we recommend looking at the Facebook instructions for creating a timeline.

Here are two other good resources for timeline info: