Client Responsibilities

New and redesigned sites

The creation, redesign or maintenance of a Web site is a collaborative effort between the area responsible for the site (client) and Web Communications.

Initial discussions about a site serve to discover the goals, audience and tone and those elements drive the design. Drafts of the site are reviewed and approved by the area responsible for the site.

The client is responsible for:

  • deciding about the look of the site and sign-off on the design
  • Providing an outline of the site content. Web Communications can assist in developing the navigation structure if necessary
  • Assisting in choosing images from the campus images gallery
  • Providing the content and forms when necessary
  • Filling out any necessary applications for access to the Web server

Continued maintenance sites

If the site is maintained by Web Communications, content is sent by the client to Web Communications to be added to the site.

The UNC area represented is responsible for the content thoroughness, accuracy and timeliness of information. 

There are several ways to get updated or new information to Web Communications.