Web Guidelines

Basic Element

The quality of the University Web pages has a direct effect on the image of our institution and, in many cases, these pages may be the first impression a user receives about the University of Northern Colorado. The Web is a unique opportunity to showcase the University and communicate with many audiences, including current and prospective students, alumni, community members, legislators and employees.

It is therefore essential to create and maintain pages that are:

  • Accurate and useful 
  • Consistent and easy to navigate 
  • Visually appealing

These Web Publishing Guidelines ("Guidelines") have been developed in an effort to balance a respect for diversity and autonomy with the need for a unified and quality face of the organization. They apply to all official University pages.

These Guidelines are organized in the categories of:

  • Basic Elements - the standard information to be included in the content of each page.
  • Templates –including a set of designs to provide a consistent look for the university and create an easier and more efficient process to build a Web site that complies with best practice and university guidelines.
  • Graphics – instructing users how to use the University images on Web pages
  • Content – describing the text and procedural guidelines for pages, including accessibility and single source document requirements.
  • Technical - processes to ensure the Web site will display correctly and comply with current Web best practices.

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