Student Clubs & Organizations

General information:

Student Activities Assistance

  • Student Activities has a Web author who can help you choose a template and images for your site.
  • The navigation links can be discussed with the Student Activities Web author.
  • You develop the content of the pages and give it to Web author to add to the site.
  • Contact for assistance.

Building your own Web site

Applying for a Web server account

  • Fill out an application for the Web server account. Please note you must have a firstname.lastname UNC account (Personal Digital Identity - PDID) and that application section is also included on this form.
  • Logons and passwords should not be shared; a new application should be filled out for each year’s new Web author
  • When the Web pages have been created, set up an appointment with to bring the completed application and a copy of the Web site for approval

Designing your Web site