Options for Site Creation

There are several options for obtaining a university Web site

  1. Web Communications creates the template only
    • Web Communications can build the template, insert the graphics and give it to the appropriate area to add the content and maintain the site long term.
  2. Web Communications creates and builds site
    • In selected cases, Web Communications can can build the template, insert the graphics, add the content of the existing or new site and turn the site over to the area for long term maintenance. Identified Web authors will need to apply for a Web server account to access the Web server to publish files.

Web Communication services timing

The turnaround time for content edits done by Web Communications, such as changes to a form or description of a program, is usually within 48 - 72 hours. New sites or redesigns of existing sites are planned collaboratively between the University area and Web Communications staff and vary in length of time required.