Applying for an account

The WWW Access Form

1. To gain permission to access the university Web server, complete Information Technology's Web server application:

  • Clubs and organizations use a separate form and student Web Authors do need a Personal ID (firstname.lastname). The Personal ID application section is included in the Web application form.
  • The departmental form is for all other UNC server Web sites, even if the Web author is a student. Again, all Web authors need a Personal ID (firstname.lastname) account.
  • This information applies to the Web server; to obtain access to other Web servers, contact that server administrator.

2. The form should be submitted to Web Communications per instructions on the form. Web Communications will give completed forms to Information Technology and the client completing the form will receive notification when the access has been created. The form can be faxed to Web Communications at 351-1837 for the required signature. Please remember the logon and password you have requested.

3. Once a new site has been published, please check to see if your site is listed on the UNC index at and contact if it is not.

5. If you forget your password, submit the WWW Access Form to IT to get it reset.