UNC Web Communications

What’s Up Right Now

The University is embarking on our most ambitious web project to date. We have purchased a new Content Management System (CMS) from Omni Update and have a new UNC web design for all sites.

  • Ruffalo Noel Levitz has been contracted to write content for each undergraduate and graduate major and they will contacting departments for input. There will be a top level list of majors that will link to the new pages.
  • Web Communications is scheduling periodic web author information sessions and announcements will be sent to the web author listserv and UNC Today. If you have attended a site information session, you can review the administrative site Power Point presentation or academic site Power Point presentation.
  • The new templates are in the hands of Omni Update for coding and the midpoint review on October 15 resulted in only a few minor corrections. The templates are on track to be turned over to UNC the end of November. At that point, Web Communications will use them to convert some top level pages and learn how to use the new interface in order to support the campus web authors.
  • Conversion of sites will be in phases - soon to be announced.

What does this mean for the web authors?

  • You’ll have CMS training from CETL and Web Communications.
  • Web sites will need to be migrated manually - new pages and cut and paste of content.
  • Content contributors may need to be involved to help reorganize and refine pages.
  • Academic areas should review all advising/current student information , especially admissions requirements, to make sure information is accurate and clear.

What can campus areas do right now?

The most helpful action is to review your current web content.

  • Is it accurate?
  • Is it the right amount of information?
  • Is it well organized?
  • Is it necessary?
  • Remove outdated files from the WWW server.

Design and Content Improvements


A new web design has been created and all sites will move into the new design via the CMS tool. The design will be a consistent, UNC brand with a modern design that responsively resizes on all devices. An example is the new Provost Office site.


The new templates will have a top level navigation and the main content links will be about six in number, depending on the length of the link words. Each top level link can have drop down links underneath, that list should have nine or less links for usability. Sub pages can have a third level of navigation in the right side column if needed. Content/navigation workshops will be offered in the near future.