Components of UNC's Website

The topics below will offer the tactile and nuts and bolts of how to create your site and pages. Let's get this party started.

Page Banners: Learn about all the various options for page banners on your pages and how and when to best use them.

Image Sizes: Confused by all the customization you can do on your site? Use this reference for the various image sizes.

Galleries: So many images, so many choices. Visit this page when you want to use galleries to introduce multiple images on a page.

Image Placements: Learn how to use images in your design based on page properties and column selections.

Buttons: On UNC's CMS there are pre-designed button styles. Visit this page to learn how to best use them and create calls-to-action.

Forms: Do you love collecting data? Learn about the form styling options here.


Snippets: So many snippets so little time. Learn about all the snippets that you can use on a page to customize your design even further.


Icons: Need supporting elements for your content? Look no further than icons. Learn more about how they should be used.