UNC Web Communications

What's Up Right Now

  • Training on the new OU Campus Content Management System is in progress.
  • Training and development for Phase 3 web authors is in progress.
  • Phase 4 Training dates have been set.
  • Planning and development for a redesigned Undergraduate Admissions has begun. 
  • The profile pages have been updated to link the photo and name in addition to the "Read
  • An optional Pronouns field has been added to the Profile Page template.
  • An upgrade to UNC's calendar is in progress.

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Campus Training 

 Full Publisher Training - Full

This is part 1 and part 2 training designed to teach web authors how to use all features of the OU Campus interface and includes explanations of best practices used to structure content on a page. Also included is file management information, such as deleting, moving or renaming a page.

This training is for web authors who need access to all functions of the web site creation, including publishing pages.

Part 1 Choices

  • Tuesday,  Jan 17, 8:30 – 11:30, Michener 335 
  • Monday,  Jan. 23, 1 - 4, Michener L12
  • Tuesday,  Jan. 31, 1 – 4, Michener L12
  • Tuesday, Feb. 7,  9 – noon, Michener L12  

Part 2 Choices

  • Thursday, Jan. 19, 8:30 – 11:30, Michener 335
  • Wednesday,  Jan. 25, 1 – 4, Michener L12
  • Thursday, Feb. 2, 1 – 4, Michener L12
  • Thursday Feb. 8,  9 – noon, Michener L12


Register for Full Publisher Training


Contributor Training

Contributors are staff members who can edit pages that are reviewed and published by a web author; they cannot publish pages. This training will focus on the basics of creating a new page, adding content and images and submitting the page for review by a department web author.

To become a Contributor, please use the Existing Site Access form.

Contributor Training Dates

There are no scheduled sessions, please contact Ronna Johnston if you are interested in training.


Faculty Page Training

Faculty page training focuses only on the updating of the faculty profile page. Participants will learn how to add content to their faculty page , upload vitas and images and understand the UNC guidelines. 

To request access to your faculty page, please use the Existing Site Access form. Please note: Each college has policies on who can create faculty pages.

Faculty Page Training Dates

There are no scheduled sessions, please contact Ronna Johnston if you are interested in training.


Drop In and Get Help

Open labs are drop-in blocks of time for practice in your site. CETL and Web Communications staff will be there to assist you with questions.

Open labs are a great time to get away from interruptions and get lots of work done - with expert help!

Open Lab Dates

These labs will be held in Michener L12.

Upcoming Labs

Thursday, Dec. 8: 10 – noon
Wednesday, Dec. 28: 1 - 3
Thursday, Jan. 12: 1 – 3
Wednesday, Jan. 18: 10 – noon  
Tuesday, Jan. 24: 1 – 3

How Can Phase 4 Departments Prepare for the CMS?

  • Check the content on your web sites now
  • Update and reduce content where appropriate
  • The top level navigation of the new design accommodates about six categories of content and many sites will need to reconsider the navigation of existing sites
  • Contact ronna.johnston@unco.edu for analytics on your existing site