Sexual Assault Victim Advocate Center (SAVA)

ACTivism Theatre (ongoing): Calling all actors, writers, and set designers! SAVA’s ACTivism Theatre travels around the state performing the play Until Someone Wakes Up, a series of serious and seriously funny vignettes to spark a conversation about gender stereotypes, relationships, and the misinformation surrounding sexual assault. The ensemble practices every Sunday in Fort Collins. Actors must be at least 15 years of age. Interested or need more info? Please contact Jenny by emailing or calling 970-472-4204.

Super Girls and Super Boys (June-August): Do some good this summer by partnering with a Super Boy or Super Girl! SAVA staff teaches kids 6-11 about gender stereotypes and encourage healthy body image while training for a 5k. Mentors are invited to spend time with their partner a few times over the summer, write short letters each week and share in the sweet, sweet victory of finishing a 5k with their Super Girl or Super Boy. Mentors must be 18 years or older. Interested or need more info? Please contact Robin or Michael by emailing or or by calling our office at 970-472-4204.

SART Peers (August-May): SAVA has a fantastic group of high school seniors and juniors eager to educate their peers on healthy relationships and sexual assault, but we need YOU! SART Peers Mentors provide support to SART Peers during presentations.

SAVA Hotline Advocates (ongoing): SAVA hotline advocates respond to calls that come through on SAVA’s 24-Hour Rape Crisis Hotline. Advocates are a source of invaluable support and information for those who call. For more information, please contact Kevin by emailing or calling 970-506-4059.

Advocate Responsibilities:

  • Answer calls on 24-Hour Rape Crisis Hotline
  • Provide emotional support and advocacy for survivor
  • Provide information and resources to survivor
  • If needed, accompany survivors to hospital, police station, or court dates.
  • Give caller referrals to SAVA therapists or support groups

Expectations for Advocates:

  • Advocates must be at least 18 years of age
  • $15 background check fee
  • Attend 40 hour training
  • Commit to volunteer for 1 year after training
  • Sign up for 2 shifts per month