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Langston Mayo

Langston Mayo

Philosophy and Communication Studies Double Major

Denver, Colorado

Contact Information

About Langston

My name is Langston Mayo, and I'm a junior Communicaiton and Philosophy double major. I'm from Denver, Colorado. I'm a Student Ambassador here on campus as well as a Multicultural Outreach Ambassador, member of Student Radio, and Vice President Black Student Union. I'm also a DJ; I DJ my radio show, and I DJ different parties and events. When I'm done with school, I'm not positive on what I want to do, but I love music and want to be involved.

3 Facts

  1. I'm a Love enthusiast.
  2. I love all forms of art.
  3. I'm a fashion ICON.

Favorite Place on Campus

Somewhere in "the cut" (anywhere I can relax!).

Advice to Prospective Students

Get involved. Don't be afraid to take risk and try new things. Follow your passions.

What actor do you think would play you in the movie Tour Wars Episode VI: Revenge of the Bears

Denzel Washington