Cameron Khoshgam

Cameron Khoshgam


Frisco, Texas

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About Cameron

My name is Cameron, I am senior at UNC majoring in Acting. I was born and raised in Texas, so coming to Colorado is an exciting new experience. Before UNC, I went to a community college for two years and received my Associates of the Arts degree from Collin College. I chose UNC because I fell in love with their theatre program and their love of the arts. This university is a magical place, and it is overflowing with talent. I am currently scouring schools to find a graduate program that will fit me as well as UNC, and I plan to make a living as a working actor, and eventually teaching eager young artists like myself.

3 Facts

1. I can whistle very loud.
2. I have a bit of a sweater collection/obsession. Basically, don't take me to a thrift shop because I will buy all the sweaters that fit me.
3. I can juggle (only 3 balls, I'm still getting better)

Favorite Place on Campus

The 3rd floor of the James A. Michener Library. That's where all my favorite plays hide.

Advice to Prospective Students

Take advantage of all the incredible resources and events on campus! Your tuition goes into funding them, so why not take part in the awesomeness?

What actor do you think would play you in the movie Tour Wars Episode VI: Revenge of the Bears

Kevin Jonas