Andy Walker

Andy Walker

Musical Theatre

Whidbey Island, Washington

Contact Information

About Andrew

My name is Andy, and I'm a senior Musical Theatre major at UNC. I was born and raised on Whidbey Island in Washington state. I chose UNC because, when I visited, the professors and students really welcomed me to campus. I also felt like the professors really challenged the students here! Currently, my other job is at the Performing Arts Box Office and I'm a member of the staged reading club Barely Shakespeare. After college, I plan to move to New York and become a working actor or do theatre that I'm passionate and proud of across the U.S.

3 Facts

  1. When I was little, I was obsessed with Mr. Rogers. I would walk around my family's living room with my dad's sweater and shoes impersonating him.
  2. I love peppermint tea and tamales! Not at the same time, of course!
  3. A little known fact about me is I can play the tuba!

Favorite Place on Campus

My favorite spot on campus is the large tree right next to Gray Hall! It's so relaxing sitting underneath it on a beautiful Colorado day!

Advice to Prospective Students

Take advantage of the supportive environment UNC provides! You can only grow if you put yourself out there!

What actor do you think would play you in the movie Tour Wars Episode VI: Revenge of the Bears

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