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 Addison Williams

Addison Williams

Acting Major with a Dance Minor

Littleton, Colorado

Contact Information

About Addison

My name is Addison and I am a sophomore Theatre Education and Acting double major with a Dance minor. Though I was born in Pennsylvania, I have lived in Colorado almost all of my life. I love being at UNC because I feel so accepted here. The community, environment, and campus make me feel truly at home. UNC has shown me that I can follow my dreams of being an arts educator and an actor and be successful in those dreams. I am also involved with the Performing and Visual Arts Student Ambassadors and love to work with the student groups in any way that I can. I ultimately want to be on stage, teaching, and doing photography in my life and plan on going to graduate school after UNC.

3 Facts

1. I LOVE ASTROLOGY. #aries4life

2. I am the craftiest person in the world. Michael's is my promised land.

3. I have never had the same hairstyle for more than six months. I get bored very quickly when it comes to hair. 

Favorite Place on Campus

The front entrance to Frasier Hall. I love the way the trees arch over the benches to create a beautiful picture. 

Advice to Prospective Students

Use your resources! Everyone here wants you to succeed; you just have to put yourself out there and ask for what you want.

What actor do you think would play you in the movie Tour Wars Episode VI: Revenge of the Bears

Alexander Ludwig