- We are so serious about putting out good students, well trained students

- They are there to help you expand and learn and become the person they want to be

Russell Guyver- I really believe we can offer an unique experience

Russell Guyver- We have an extraordinary faculty who work well together, who really nurture the students

April Radio- It's 8:27 on 850 KOA. I would not trade this job for anything. I'm April Zesbaugh here at our Denver studios...

A quarter million people listen to this station

April Radio- Capitol Hills Police are investigating. We understand the Senate...Graduated in 1992 from UNC

April Radio - We'll continue to follow this...

April- I got some great opportunities there because of all of the internships that I was offered.

- I had a great experience at UNC in Greeley. I liked it mainly because of its small size.

April- I want to go somewhere small, where I can get hands on attention, where I can actually talk one-on-one with my professors if I want to do that.

Narrator- UNC was founded back in 1889.

It is a place that commits to the success of its students by providing a solid liberal arts foundation, relevant professional coursework and real-world experiences.

All in an environment where faculty and staff value personal attention as a key to learning.

- How are you guys, good?

- It's an amazing place.

- I'm from Longmont, Colorado. - Denver.

- Fresno, California.

- 21 years old

- And I always wanted to be a teacher

- I enjoy every minute of it.

- Foods not bad. (laugh)

- What I get from the professors here?

- I love Colorado

- They actually know your name

- Being bigger doesn't always mean being better.

Professor- Being bigger doesn't always mean being better.

- It's a great environment

Professor- The best undergraduate business program [ definitely ] in the state of Colorado.

- An Emphasis in accounting

- Came from Lakewood, Colorado

- Physics and Computer Science Major

- I have an internship with the United Way

- A lot of people are really focused

- Amazing Experience

- They're really driven

- There's something going on every hour of every day

- People are outstanding

- the Acting program here is amazing

- It is just the perfect size

Diane Bolden-Taylor- They've got an introduction to the outside world.

- And it turned out to be a really wonderful experience.

Diane Bolden-Taylor- Other things that are possible for them.

Russell Guyver- We will engage them, We'll challenge them.

- There's just nothing like waking up in the morning.

- You're opened up to a whole new world.

- And just seeing the snow capped mountains.

Narrator- The University of Northern Colorado is a Jewel in the State's Higher Education System.

Narrator- The Knowledge and life skills UNC students receive from this nurturing environment fives them an advantage for life.

Narrator- Students emerge as confident, critical thinkers in a complex world

Jose Martinez III- I love it up here. It's a great town for college. Great people up here. It's a great environment.

Andrew Troxel- I really like the community around the school. It's a much smaller feeling than some of the other universities in the state.

Andrew Troxel- ...a bit easier to get involved with your classes.

Bill Hoyt- UNC's really in the people business. We are closely tied to our students.

Kaitlin Gibson- For the tuition you are paying you are getting an amazing experience, not only do you get a beautiful campus.

Kaitlin Gibson- â?¦the people are very congenial and willing to help you and work with youâ?¦all you have to do is ask.

Russell Guyver- I've never seen a lonely student in our college, somehow when people arrive they are embraced by the student body.

Russell Guyver- Thereâ?~s a terrific atmosphere among the students, very supportive both socially and academically.

Doug Simkins- And I would really love to end up in Colorado. Start my family here. Have a job here and stay out in Colorado would be an ideal situation.

Narrator- The Pragmatic and real nature of Northern Colorado's Programs makes this place an unsurpassed academic value and that value lies in its five colleges of excellence

Narrator- Performing and Visual Arts, The Renowned Monfort College of Business, Natural and Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Education and Behavioral Sciences, a School which generations of new teachers and their students find second to none.

Judson Doyle- I decided to come to the University of Northern, Colorado because it was the best place to come in the state for a secondary teaching education degree.

Bill Hoyt- Judson is a highly capable student

Judson Doyle- I enjoy every minute of it. I make sure I don't miss his class.

Carly DeBates- The UNC professors are great. They always have office hours open to answer any questions.

Jose Martinez III- I would honestly just invite someone to come up here.

Dana Miller- Our business school won the Baldridge Award.

Joe Alexander- Every single class is being taught by a qualified faculty member. Since we don't have graduate programs then we're not temped to put graduate students in the classroom.

Jose Martinez III- It's pretty much the best place I can think of that I would want to go to college.

Narrator- The University of Colorado's has more than 100-degree programs and that's just part of the student-centered experience available here.

Narrator- Young Minds are challenged through unique learning models like the President's Leadership Program and the Center for Honor's, Scholars and Leadership.

Joya Moore- Right now I have a 4.0 here. Honors is a great program. It gives you a chance to go out and experience different things. It's not about just taking really hard classes.

Joya Moore- ... It's about the experience and internships and meeting people and working with people.

Narrator- Others find their academic path in numerous Learning Communities where a tight knit group of students live and learn together

Narrator- But academics is only part of why the University of Northern Colorado is increasingly the state's best choice in higher ed.

Narrator- Nestled between the snow-capped rocky mountains and the sprawling high plains, just an hour's drive north of Denver, Greeley is a growing city of nearly 100,000 people.

Narrator- Its pace in comfortable, its personality eclectic, its population diverse.

Narrator- Many students come here for college and stay to pursue a career.

Jose Martinez III- Up here its like lets do thins and try new things and meet new people. Whether it's activities of schools, sporting events, plays music.

Jose Martinez III- You're opened up to a whole new world here with all kinds of people and events and ideas. Thereâ?~s no reason why you shouldn't be involved and try new things.

Derik Keeton- We're in the Big Sky Conference right now.

Patrick Ealy- But it's actually fun to play in front of the people. Make a touchdown, look at the sideline, see you parents, you see your friends. And they're all there.

- My best decision was probably living on campus meeting everybody, socializing with everybody, get to know a lot of new friends.

Wendy Rich-Goldschmidt, Chief of Police, UNC- Safety on campus is a partnership. It's a partnership between law enforcement and our community.

Jerry Garner, Chief of Police, Greeley- If I were a parent looking for a place to send my child to college I would certainly pick Greeley and UNC over most placesâ?¦the quality of life is a big one.

Jerry Garner, Chief of Police, Greeley- We don't have wall-to-wall traffic. We don't have wall-to-wall crime. There are friendly people in Greeley, both in the city itself and on campus.

Jerry Garner, Chief of Police, Greeley- And the crime rate is relatively low here.

Wendy Rich-Goldschmidt, Chief of Police, UNC- We truly feel this is our home and we have a lot of ownership in the campus community.

Narrator- Feeling ownership in the campus community, that's something I have cherished since my days as a UNC Student

Narrator- The positive experiences I remember here revolve around a first class education, a rewarding and fun student experience

Narrator- meeting my now lifelong friends and branching out through internships into my future profession.

Narrator- The University of Northern Colorado continues to build on its strengths, capture prestigious national recognition and attract the best and brightest and most capable students.

Narrator- I went to Northern Colorado fifteen years ago but if I had the choice to make over, I'd do it all the same.