What did you do this summer? The quintessential question. So what did you do this summer? How does a trip to Greece sound?

How would you like to visit the Acropolis? View the Parthenon, temple of Athena Goddess of Wisdom, War and Strategy. See the porch of the caryatids build upon the erechtheum.

The Acropolis is full of mythological history, including the historic battle between Athena and Poseidon.

If you're more of the artistic type you can always visit a museum full of some classical sculptures.

Or you can see the synchronized beauty of the changing of the guards. Aesthetic beauty is readily available in Athens.

School can be a stressful time, so a weekend trip is a must. View the Island of Poros. Beaches, beaches, and well more beaches.

This beautiful island is considered a weekend getaway from Athens, and was beautiful sight to behold.

The first capital of modern Greece, Nafplion also had its own historical significance.

Like Poros, it has its beautiful beaches, one secluded spot as well, but it also holds a special memory in the form of a castle.

Nafplion has a large military fortress on top of hill. Not to mention, a sunset to die for.

One can't go to Greece without visiting the vast temples throughout the region. Cape Sounion has the amazing Temple of Poseidon overlooking the sea.

Delphi has the remains of Apollo's sanctuary, the legendary theatre of Delphi, and if you listen ever so carefully, you may hear the Oracle speak.

And if all else fails to amaze, you can make some amazing new friends, and share a once in a life time experience.

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