I'd like to thank my teachers here at UNC for getting me through these last four years. I'm glad to be graduating but I'll definitely be missing this place a lot.

Well my mentor has definitely been Dale Edwards, who is kind of one of the head guys of the Journalism Department.

I'm gonna have to say my girlfriend for kicking me in the butt and making me be responsible. I like to sit around and play video games and she wouldn't let me.

My parents supported me they, they wanted me to get an education so, in whatever path I took in my academic career.

I think the most influential person would be Sieger Hartgers. He's a printmaking professor and a life-drawing professor in the art department.

My mentor in college was my professor Tracey Salter. And she is just a great woman and I hope to be her when I grow up.

My parents got me through college. They were very supportive and very helpful. My dad has been saving money since I was born.

I think the Riescher family. Thomas P. McNally, who has a McNally scholarship in case anyone wants to donate, and also my parents and me for just getting through it.

Especially the faculty in the Comm. Department, helping me figure out what I'm going to do after college.

He's one of those guys that I can go in anytime of the day, sit in his office, talk about any problems that I'm having.

He helped me to learn a lot too, but also made me realize the process of process making in art and helped me organize my life more.

She recently cast me in the show Anton in Showbusiness earlier this semester, and it was such an amazing experience to learn and work from her.

The Riescher family has completely helped me. I'm leaving this University only owing about 4,000 dollars in loans because they came through for me.

Bye UNC! Bye UNC! Bye UNC! Bye UNC! Goodbye UNC! Bye UNC!