Led Zepplin's probably my all time favorite artist. Um, but I like a ton of different artists and a ton of different styles of music.

I really like MGMT right now. They're really kind of big and really good to listen to just when ever.

I listen to country like Taylor Swift or Rascal Flatts or, if it's like pop alternative, it's like The Cab and Summerset.

Lately I been getting into the classically inspired stuff like Apololyptica. My girlfriend introduced me to it and I cant get enough….lately.

My favorite artist is Wale. He very versatile in the hip hop arena. He can take you to the party, take you to race conscious stuff , he's all over the place.

I really couldn't name a favorite band if I tried. Um, all though my favorites are Bare Naked Ladies, stuff from back when I was young.

From techno to hip hop to oldies to alternative rock. Pretty much anything.

Um, I listen to almost anything. If it's like rock or alternative or country.

I like anything to be honest. Everything from rock to dance music. Even a tiny bit of country, but don't many people that.

I like kind of like the acoustic stuff. Like remixes and covers and stuff.

Do you know much about the Greeley Music scene?

Not that much, I'm familiar with Tricome, and those guys.

Not a whole lot. I don't know much about the music around Greeley.

No. A little bit. I know some of the venues like the Atlas and stuff like that but I don't know many local bands.

I really don't know a whole lot about the Greeley music scene besides the stuff that's in the University, no.