- Today is the communication jubilee. We are promoting several clubs and organizations on campus within the School of Communication.

We've got my club, which is the Association for Women in Communication, which is a networking club and we help students get internships,

meet with future employers, we do résumé workshops, we do a conference in the Fall, all different types of things.

We also have the student publications here. Which is the Mirror. I don't think the Connection's here, but we do have the Mirror.

Which is a great way for students in the School of Communication to get published and to write stories and get newspaper experience.

We also have law club. Uh law club does mock trial, focuses on rhetoric, different things like that.

We've got student radio, which is a broadcasting club here on campus.

And we have Bear News which is also a broadcasting club and class.

We do, not mock TV, but we do TV broadcast to help students get familiar with how a TV station is run,

what goes into making a newscast and different things like that.

We also have classes that are represented here, internship opportunities, political communication is represented.

And Lambda Pi Eta our honors fraternity for communication is here.

And it's just a great experience for students to come and learn all about the School of Communication.