- The wide variety of things I have been exposed to is really unique about UNC and something I really like.

- While UNC was a great choice for me,

not only because it is located in Greeley, but because of the financial opportunities.

I was able to go to school here much cheaper than I would have been able to go anywhere else.

but on top of that so far I have received a great education.

- The school is really diverse

there’s a lot of different people, a lot of different activities to do throughout the year.

- I choose UNC because it is not like humongous university but you still get that university feel.

but you can have more one on one time with your professors

they get to know you instead of being just a number.

- But you can get a lot out of a smaller school sometimes than a bigger school

a lot of time people come to a bigger school and they are like,

"O my God I am overwhelmed and I don't know what to do."

but UNC is a smaller school so it makes it easier to adjust to college a little easier.

- While actually I choose UNC because it was close to home

but far enough away where I did not feel like had too many ties back there.

- I think a willingness of people to you know reach out and help you if you need help

if you are willing to ask for help people are going to give it to you,

people are really friendly and stuff.

- Probably one of the most helpful things on campus is the tutoring centers:

the writing center and the math center and also that the library is directly in the middle of campus.

which is really nice because we are able to walk from your dorms

or from your house if you live kind of close to campus.

- I think it is just convenient. Everything is close together.

- I came in here and right off the bat was offered a number of different scholarships

from community organizations including State Farm.

- Actually I got to go on exchange to San Jose California. And that was real cool.

I got to go experience another academic atmosphere from another prospective so I have something to relate to.

I think that all students should go student aboard or go on exchange

because without doing something like that you don't really get the full college experience.

I mean I have the opportunity to travel to Columbia with music

- UNC has a ton of different connections. It has a ton of different networks.

It has I have said it over and over again but the opportunities are really endless

and this experience is what you make of it.