-Getting a house with a bunch of girl friends, by far the coolest thing

-I went aboard in the spring of 2007 and spent five months in Germany and loved every second of it.

-I would say going to all the concerts and shows that I have been to.

Like a couple where sponsored by the UNC Program Council and stuff.

-Margie's Café is a really big one that a lot of people go to.

Open Mic Night the Beatle where a lot of concerts go on.

-For students the of course are intramurals and sports you can play through the school.

You can join lots of clubs.

-For one this is probably one of my most favorite things to do, work out

We got all of this new equipment so it is really cool.

-On campus there is a slew of things that you can do. I mean we are a Division I school

we have a football team that plays in the fall

A basketball team who had a phenomenal season this year.

Our girls swim team is just incredible and

we have all these different opportunities to go and view the sports teams.

-There is a field where I live over on central campus

and we go and play Frisbee, football; you know stuff like that outdoors.

-I mean you are in Colorado let's get real. It has 360 days of sunshine a year so use some of it.

-You name it really. If you can think of it we probably got something going on, according to it.

-I volunteer down at the UNC Radio station we have here and

I have met a lot of real cool people through that.

-There is bowling Monday nights, there is movie nights that the school offers, and extracurricular things.

So there is always something to do every night of the week,

even homework if you can fit it in there.