-That's probably one of the hardest questions because I have had so many good professors.

-I mean they do really care about you, individually.

and not I mean that you're just a body in their classroom. They actually know your name.

They do care for you, and your grade, how you like the class.

They have a true passion for what they do.

-Louis Jackson, amazing teacher. He kind of introduced me into the Special Ed Program.

He was very passionate and really connected with me.

He always had open hour when to come talk to him, if I needed extra help, just even a friend.

-You can really tell that this is her passion and she is doing what she loves.

And that comes out in her lectures.

- In a class of mine we had to help a non-profit and raise money.

I know that is public-relations and advertising which I want to do as a career.

That's the type of thing you got to do.

You got to be able to communicate with people and find a way to get them to see the bigger picture.

- The professors are really good about emailing you.

and setting up times so that they can meet with you. That's really helps me as far as academic wise.

-Very mind opening and all the things we get to experience with her.

She has just opened my eyes to a lot of interesting points of view that I never really thought about.

- They have tutoring labs. Like the tutoring centers they have it for math and writing.

If you write a paper and you are not sure about it. That is helpful to me at least.

- The professors here are just remarkable; they are phenomenal in my opinion.