Military/Veteran Residence Hall & Dining Packages

On Campus Living Options for Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)

At UNC, we strive to provide you with a great education and an affordable campus living options. We have developed this plan for our military and veteran students to assist with this mission. Continuing our goals to meet and exceed the Principles of Excellence and the 8 Keys to Success, we have established a military and veteran student residence community.

Military and veteran students who are eligible for 100% of the Post 9/11 GI Bill can stay on campus with a dining plan without going over their BAH.

Military, veterans and military dependents students using the Post 9/11 GI Bill can also utilize this option by selecting any of the other Tier 1 residence halls (Belford, Gordon, Snyder, Sabin, Wiebking, and Wilson) and the dining plans located below. You must be eligible for 100% of the GI Bill. Contact us for more information.

Veteran/Military Dining Plan

We offer three different meal plans under the BAH rates for those who are wanting to live on campus:

Military Room and Board Options
Cost Per
Bonus 10 Meals Per Week with Tier 1 Housing
25 $250 $4,665
14 Meals Per Week with Tier 1 Housing
0 0 $4,518
10 Meals Per Week with Tier 1 Housing
0 0 $4,250


BONUS MEALS: Meal plans are really intended for the student's own use. Students can use their Bonus Meals to swipe in friends and family - or if they run out of meals during the week.

DINING DOLLARS: Allows students to purchase food and beverage items at campus retail food locations using their UNC Card. Any UNC student can purchase Dining Dollars in increments of $25. Dining Dollars carry forward from Fall to Spring, but they expire the last day of Finals week in Spring.

Locations where you can use Dining Dollars:

  • Einstein Bros® Bagels at the UC
  • Starbucks® Coffee at the UC
  • Subway® at the UC
  • Taco Bell® Express at the UC
  • Munchy Mart at the UC
  • Bears Bistro at the UC
  • Coffee Corners located in Kepner Hall, Michener Library, and Turner Hall
  • Select vending machines across campus

Check out the UNC Dining Services for more information about dining hall hours and all things food!

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