Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits (Chapter 31)

Vocational Rehabilitation (Voc Rehab) is a program developed by the VA to help eligible disabled veterans receive their education and keep lasting, suitable jobs. It also helps seriously disabled veterans achieve independence in daily living. This program is not considered an educational benefit, however it may assist with educational expenses.

The program offers a number of services to help each eligible disabled veteran reach his or her rehabilitation goal. These services include vocational and personal counseling, education and training, financial aid, job assistance, and, if needed, medical and dental treatment. Services generally last up to 48 months, but they can be extended in certain instances.

Am I Eligible?

Usually, you must first be awarded a monthly VA Disability Compensation payment. In some cases, you may be eligible if you aren’t getting VA compensation (for example, you are awaiting discharge from the service because of a disability, or you are entitled to VA compensation but have decided not to reduce your military retirement or disability pay).

Eligibility is also based upon meeting the following conditions:

  • Your service-connected disabilities are rated at least 20% disabling by VA
  • You need Vocational Rehabilitation to overcome an employment handicap
  • It has been less than 12 years since VA notified you of your eligibility

You must apply for your Vocational Rehabilitation benefits through the VA at eBenefits.


  • You may be eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation if you are rated 10% disabled, and you have a serious employment handicap.
  • You may have longer than 12 years to use this benefit if certain conditions prevented you from training.

How Much Will I Receive?

If you use your Voc Rehab at UNC, the VA will pay your tuition and fees, books, supplies, equipment and special services. You will also receive a monthly benefit to help with living expenses called a "subsistence allowance."


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