Your 2014-2015 Council

Graduate Assistant, UPC Advisor

Katryn Bowdle

Arts and Entertainment Coordinator

Cassius Vasquez
I’m a junior-and-a-half English major with a writing minor, and I’ve been with UPC since August 2014. Aside from hosting Open Mic Night, after class I like to read, write, add stuff I’ll never watch to my Netflix queue, and engage in philosophical conversations. Inside me there’s a gravitational pull between (1) building my own house on a far-away patch of land and (2) living in NYC while surviving on fashion, food, and materialistic Americanism. I have aspirations to be an author, carpenter, world traveler, and restaurant owner, but for now I’m enjoying my time at UNC. See you around!

Social and Developmental Coordinator

Jessica Ray
I’m from the lovely city of Thornton, Colorado.  I enjoy kayaking and exploring the outdoors.  My favorite thing in the world is going places I’ve never been, and experiencing new adventures.  I love meeting new people and creating unique relationships.  I’m excited for all my events and the small twists I have added to them and I hope UNC enjoys them as well!

Spring Concert Coordinator

Eboni (EB) Coleman
Eboni Coleman, also known as “EB” is a senior this year at UNC. Majoring in Journalism with an emphasis in public relations and advertising media and a minor in music, her position as Spring Concert Coordinator this year is one she has truly looked forward too. With her many hats and involvement at UNC she hopes to carry on in music business and global entertainment. She goes by the saying, “nothing is never impossible” and loves monkeys.

Diverse Events Coordinator

Anaísa Lúa
I’m the diversity events coordinator for UPC this year. I am a California native who is majoring in Spanish Education with a minor in Mexican American Studies. I enjoy t.v marathons alongside a tub of ice cream, making sound effects to enhance life and jumping around for no apparent reason. Come to UPC’s events and lets be friends.

Traditional Events Coordinator

Tumaini Mporampora
Titi Mporampora name so nice you have to say it twice!
I love my big African Family.
I am an Accounting major.