Print Templates - FAQs

Q: What happens if my copy doesn't fit in the text box?
A: If your copy does not fit in the space of the text box, first try to edit it down. If you are unable to make it short enough, try to rearrange the elements on the page to make more room. You may also decrease the font size so that more text fits in the box. However, use 8-point or larger font to keep the text easy to read. There are several color schemes available on the left side of the page.
Q: Am I allowed to change the color schemes on the template?
A: We recommend keeping the current color palette, which uses university-approved colors. You are able to change individual color blocks on the page by double clicking on it and changing the Color Fill. You may choose from any of the university's primary or secondary colors. Refer to page 11 of the UNC Identity Style Guide for further information on UNC's official color palettes.
Q: Can I change the font or type size?
A: You may change the font size, but do not go smaller than 8 point for body copy. UNC's approved fonts are Arial and Times New Roman, but feel free to play with display fonts for headlines. Refer to page 14 of the UNC Identity Style Guide for further information about university-approved fonts.
Q: How do I add elements to the templates?
A: To add elements to the template, click on the Insert tab at the top of the page and scroll down to the element that you would like to add, such as a text box, picture or hyperlink. For attractive, easy-to-read projects, we recommend keeping the design simple.
Q: I have a photo I want to use, but it doesn't match the orientation of the photo on the template. Can I still use it?
A: If your photo is the wrong orientation, you can use the Microsoft Publisher crop tool to format it. A picture tool bar will appear when you click on the photo. To keep the proper proportions when resizing a photo, hold down the Shift key as you do it.
Q: What type of paper should I use to print the bookmarks?
A: Use either cover stock or thick paper when printing bookmarks yourself.
Q: What is the best type of paper to use for printing postcards?
A: Use either cover stock or thick paper, and refer to the U.S. Postal Service regulations for postcards.
Q: What types of photos are available in the photo gallery?
A: The University Photo Library offers hundreds of high-resolution photos of campus buildings and green spaces, portraits, campus life and learning shots. These photos can be downloaded for free and used for your project.
Q: Who do I contact if I need help with a template?
A: If you need help with a template, please contact the UNC Marketing Department at 970-351-2331.

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