Email Signatures

The use of a uniform e-mail signature helps create a consistent representation of the university and upholds our brand image. View the email standards in the Identity Style Guide.

Signature Options

In order to maintain a uniform signature, the basic e-mail signature should include: name, title, department, University of Northern Colorado, mailing and physical addresses, office phone number, and either a link to the UNC homepage or your individual department, college or school web page. You may choose to include the UNC Bringing Education to Life graphic at the end of your signature. Other optional elements can be included but should be limited to one choice to keep the signature as short as possible. Quotes, other slogans, graphics and backgrounds should not be included. See formats, instructions and samples below:


Basic Elements

Sender Name ------ 10 pt Arial Bold, color: black
Title ------------------ 9 pt Arial, color: black for all other lines

[line space here]

University of Northern Colorado
Campus Box 00
Building and Room Number
Greeley, CO 80639
Office: 970-351-0000

Optional text elements may be added, please use the 9 pt Arial font black. Examples of optional elements include:
Cell Phone Number 000-000-0000
Fax Number 970-351-0000
University-related blog address
University-related award (example: Baldridge Award)

View the email signature instructions to copy and paste the exact format and graphic. Using the Word document graphic will ensure the correct graphic size in your email signature.




email signature guide

Signature with official slogan graphic

email signature with graphic


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