Graphic Identity Guidelines

Use of logos

The official logo of the University of Northern Colorado is the endorsed visual mark that represents the University to its various publics. This impression serves as the visual identifier and provides the basis for the entire visual identity system of the University of Northern Colorado.

There are two logo variations available that, when used consistently by the campus community, help link our varying entities and present one common image for our diverse programs. To ensure the logo is used correctly and effectively, please familiarize yourself with the guidelines in the Logo Standards Summary (PDF) or before downloading the version you need. A detailed guidelines document will be available in the near future.

The logo must be incorporated in all university communications (anything produced to conduct the business of the university) including Web sites, print materials and correspondence) and must be applied using the standards presented in the Logo Standards Summary. (PDF)

Logo File Formats

Black-and-white and color versions of the university’s primary and secondary logos in JPEG, TIF and EPS format can be downloaded here.

  • JPEG file format is a small, compressed file and that is most commonly used. It will produce a sharp image up to 150% enlargement..
  • TIF file format is a larger, uncompressed file.

Downloading the Logo

Right-click on the appropriate link below to transfer the logo to your hard drive. Choose “Save Link As”, “Save Target As” or “Download Linked File” (depending on your browser) to save the logo to your chosen folder. To use them in your document, simply –insert or place them in your document from your chosen folder. You don’t need to open them so you can copy and paste them. These files are compatible on both PC and MAC platforms.


Logos are offered in the following formats: GIF, TIF and JPG. There are two GIF versions, one is blue and the other is white, both are on transparent backgrounds.

UNC Logo
UNiversity of Northern Colorado Logo
UNC Bear
UNC mark
Bringing Education to Life
University of Northern Colorado Slogan
UNC Stacked

For the email graphic, please visit the email signature instructions.

125 Year Web Logos:

125 Word Mark

Resizing the Logo

The logo can be made smaller or larger in your document, but it is important to never alter its proportions – it should never be stretched or distorted. Once the logo has been placed into a document, it may be resized by holding down the shift key and dragging the corner of the graphic box. This will keep the logo’s proportions intact. Refer to the Logo Standards Summary for correct logo usage.

These logos are not intended to be used or converted for use on the Web.

Legal Notice

Permission is granted solely to university units to use the university logo on printed materials. No other permission to use university trademarks is granted. The University of Northern Colorado logo is a federally protected trademark. The university reserves all rights therein. No university trademark may be used on any product, merchandise, or any externally produced material without written permission. For questions regarding the use of the logo by non-university parties, contact Athletics at 970-351-2534.

For more information, please contact University Publications at 970-351-2331.

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