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University Relations works with offices and departments campus-wide to plan for and respond to issues that threaten the university’s reputation, image or financial stability. Often issues draw media coverage and public scrutiny and are typically brought on by an emergency or controversy. A written communication plan is typically created for major crisis situations.

  • University Personnel: For assistance in dealing with a university issue or crisis, contact the Vice President for External Relations at (970) 351-1152.
  • Media: All media inquiries should be directed to the University News and Public Relations Director at (970) 351-1173.

Emergency Response Plan

University Relations serves on UNC’s Emergency Response Team and is responsible for helping to create and put in place emergency communications.

Methods of Communication

In the event of an ongoing threat, the Clery Act requires universities to make timely notifications to the campus community. In some emergencies, it may not be possible for a Crisis Communication Team to be formed prior to sending out a notification. In such cases, a member of the President’s Executive Staff or the Police Chief may take immediate action and send out communications to the university community as needed until a comprehensive decision is made on how to proceed.

A variety of communication vehicles are used to reach the appropriate people in a timely manner. Accurate and timely information is especially important at the beginning of a crisis. We strive to be accessible to all of our audiences while at the same time be respectful of legal and privacy rights.

Crisis Communication Team

As part of an organized response to a university issue or crisis, the Vice President for External Relations may organize a Crisis Communications Team. Team members will be selected based on the nature and scope of the issue.

Working with the Media

The News and Public Relations Director is available to assist university departments and offices on how to work with the media. For detailed information visit our Media Relations Assistance page.

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